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Siguler Guff and Solvd Team Up to Donate Generators to Ukraine

Apr 20, 2023

New York, New York, April 20, 2023 -- Siguler Guff & Company, LP, a global multi-strategy private markets investment firm, has teamed up with its portfolio company, Solvd Inc, a global technology consultancy and software engineering company, to donate over 250 portable generators to Ukrainian families and businesses in need.

As Ukraine continues to face ongoing attacks against its civilian infrastructure, many parts of the country are experiencing a deepening energy crisis replete with power outages and blackouts. These generators are being provided in response to Ukraine’s global call for support to help provide much-needed reliable access to electricity to those affected.

In facilitating this effort, Siguler Guff and Solvd have partnered with California-based non-profit organization Ukrainian American House, which provides humanitarian aid to Ukraine and supports Ukrainian refugees in California, and with the Consulate General of Ukraine in San Francisco to ensure that the generators reach those businesses and families most in need expeditiously. Vlad Skots, Chairman of Ukrainian American House, commented, “Ukrainian American House has tirelessly worked towards bringing aid and awareness to the people of Ukraine and the horrific events they are undergoing. We are grateful for partnerships such as this, due to their ability to expand our reach further than ever before and offer help to those in need. We look forward to continuing these partnerships in the future.”

Drew Guff, Co-Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer of Siguler Guff, commented, "We’re proud to partner with Solvd in providing much-needed electric generators to Ukraine, which not only helps individuals and small businesses meet their immediate needs, but also serves as the first step towards investing in the long-term recovery of the local economy."

Siguler Guff has a longstanding history of investment in the Ukraine region through companies such as EPAM Systems, GlobalLogic, and now Solvd, which together have helped create tens of thousands of Ukrainian jobs. Mr. Guff added that, "Siguler Guff looks forward to providing additional support for Ukrainian humanitarian causes and organizations."

Igor Vayner, Chairman of Solvd, “Our entire Solvd team takes immense pride in our Ukrainian employees, who have continued delivering exceptional services without disruption amid challenging circumstances. Our donation of electric generators reflects our support for both our valued employees and the entire country during this difficult time. While Solvd has grown into a multinational company with a diverse global presence, our Ukrainian operations and their unwavering resilience will always remain a vital part of the company's DNA.”

Shaun Khubchandani, Partner and Co-Head of Emerging Markets at Siguler Guff said, “As a global investment manager, we recognize the tremendous value of partnering with our portfolio companies in pursuit of not only financial success but also meaningful social impact. By standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Solvd on this important cause, we are demonstrating our commitment to fostering long-term, sustainable growth that benefits all stakeholders, including the communities in which our portfolio companies operate. This joint effort underscores the strong collaboration between Siguler Guff and
Solvd in supporting the people of Ukraine during these trying times.”

About Siguler Guff
Siguler Guff is a multi-strategy private markets investment firm, which has over $16 billion of assets under management, estimated as of December 31, 2022. With over 25 years of experience investing as a firm in the private markets, Siguler Guff seeks to generate strong, risk-adjusted returns by focusing opportunistically on market niches. Headquartered in New York, Siguler Guff maintains offices in Boston, London, Mumbai, São Paulo, Shanghai, Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong and Houston, TX. To learn more about Siguler Guff, please visit:

About Solvd
Solvd is a global technology consultancy and software engineering company with over 800 engineers located across eight countries in Latin America, North America and Europe. Solvd has built a core competency in software QA and test automation consulting and its solutions have broadened to include custom app development, DevOps, AR / VR development among other solutions which the Company has developed to meet their client's growing needs. The Company has also developed a rich intellectual property library which includes Zebrunner, an innovative proprietary quality management platform. Solvd services Fortune 500 clients across several high-growth industries which include FinTech, Retail, Media & Entertainment, Software and Health & Wellness. Solvd is headquartered in Roseville, CA, and has 7 development centers in Poland, Georgia, Ukraine, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and a sales office in Hungary. To learn more about Solvd, please visit

About UA House
Ukrainian American House is a California based 501(C)3 non-profit organization founded by Americans of Ukrainian origin in 2018. Over the past five years, UA House has significantly contributed to developing partnership programs between Ukrainian and American non-governmental groups in business, cultural, educational, social, and humanitarian activities. With the start of Russia's large-scale war against Ukraine, UAH has focused on providing humanitarian assistance to Ukraine and helping Ukrainian refugees here in the USA. With donors and partners, UAH has sent tons of food and medicine, ten ambulances, and medical equipment for children's hospitals to Ukraine. Also, the organization has financed the delivery and distribution of food packages for families living in frontline areas and has already provided 10,000 families with food. To learn more about Ukrainian American House, please visit